Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello Meade

Whoa! Did I tell you that I am in Meade KS, at the hospital? No, I know I didn’t. But here I am nonetheless. It took us forever to get out of the hospital at Shattuck and that meant not going by to see the kitties, but instead doing 90 in a 55 across Kansas in order to get the doctor’s on time for the preadmission physical. He found that she had atrial fibrillation and put her in the hospital. Apparently this means the heart is likely to cause strokes somehow. Anyway, that was Tuesday, this is Saturday and they finally stabilized her heart today. Yay! Physical therapy is working with her and she is standing and bearing weight for a few seconds now, which is way better than before. I am becoming a medical expert!

Meade is north of the farm, and the highway route is 71 miles. There is a shortcut through the pasture, which is only 40 miles, 25 of which is on soft sandy curving roads. But there are rewards. The hills are pretty and the river is in fine shape right now. Sometimes there is no water, sometimes too much. And you get to see wild and tame life. Witness the turkeys, and the cows. The trip takes about 45 minutes, and I have been coming home every day to shower and feed the cats, and actually connect to the internet. It’s not too bad, but the weather is only hot, not rainy or snowy, which might make a difference. Hmmmm soft sandy and wet! Nope doesn’t sound good.

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