Saturday, June 27, 2009

A day gone wrong as far as plans went, but still a success as long as I don't count accomplishing anything as important.

Was supposed to spend the day with the grandkid-family but they had other family stuff to do, so called a friend to go out to lunch and she wigged out on me so Ryan and I went to McDonald's. It still doesn't taste as good as it used to. Maybe I am over McDonald's.

Packed two boxes and at that rate I should be out of here by December. *sigh*

But in the end, after they finished the other family thing, in search of air conditioning the grandkids-family and I met up at Target and whiled our time away eating Target popcorn, wandering the toy aisles and ending up at Red Robin.

Oh, and I finished the toddler socks just in time for the 97 degree weather!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Out of There

Today I turned in my keys and checked out of school. It seemed so anti-climatic since the campus was virtually empty, but I waved goodbye anyway.

Had lunch with friends who lamented how hard it will be for them once I leave. I hope they realize that this is all very difficult for me and I will miss them more than they could possibly miss me. The idea that I am going off on a new adventure and leaving them behind is immeasurably sad for me, as my new adventure is so fraught with uncertainty and drama and boredom and ... uncertainty.

I am already planning for the next school year, as I always do as soon as the last one is nearly over, but this time summer vacation is 14 months long.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free at last!

After another day of packing (as well as talking to John B about his future with yearbook) the room is done. Of course there are still remnants of me everywhere, but I did try to minimize them so the room is truly John's.

Of course the process of talking about "we" and "our" made me realize that I haven't left the room, and that yearbook is still a part of me. Telling the boys goodbye for the last time was a little heart tugging but I pretended it was just another "go home".

I know John will do a good job, as he does an excellent job of anything he does, but I can't bear to think of what will happen in my absence, of all the things that I will miss, all the fun that I won't have, all the drama that... oh yeah, as long as Vikram keeps me informed, it is okay that I miss that!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Packing is a bitch!

When you are a packrat, it is never easy to minimize. I have just spent most of two weeks packing my classroom and although almost everything is empty, and there are many many boxes transported home, the classroom still looks like chaos central. Perhaps tomorrow will be the end of it, or maybe Friday?

Now to sort the boxes into piles... books, curriculum binders, unsorted piles thrown willy nilly into many many boxes. When I do return, it will take weeks (months?) to achieve whatever random level of organization I pretended I had reached before