Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In response to a comment

Yeah, the mental image just doesn't work, the actual image doesn't work either. I am amazed every time and wonder who that woman is and what she did with my mother. I am hoping and praying with all my heart that the original mother comes back soon.

Rain? we got 3 inches one day, and lost power for a while. There were tornados spotted in the county, but they didn't say where. The nearest town (Forgan, 23 miles away) got 7 inches in 6 hours but they are on the side of a hill so it just ran out of town.

Sometimes the trip between Meade and the house requires pulling over to the side of the road and waiting until the visibility gets above 10 feet. And it is wheat harvest time, so we all wait for the sun, and curse the hail and hope there is still a crop there when it is all over.

Another option

So ... she began to deteriorate again, and hunky doc decided he would do the amputation. So he did, last Monday. The surgery went well, by now she says the toe doesn't hurt anymore, just her bottom and her knee. Of course there has to be a complication, and there is.

Mom has become randomly crazy. Sometimes she is just fine, talking, laughing, and wanting to go for walks. Other times she is crazy, hitting nurses, spitting in faces, cursing (yes! my mother! cursing!) and refusing to take her meds or to eat. Yesterday, hunky doc saw it in person and prescribed anti-psychotics. Today she is pretty lethargic, but not fighting treatment. HD says we should be out of here by early next week and by then she should be out from under the anesthetic/pain med/whatever and be her old self.

We will see.