Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun and Games... not

Sunday. This time last week I was barreling across New Mexico, not knowing what was in front of me. Now I am sitting in the hospital, not knowing what is in front of me. I have gone from wondering how I was going to not go crazy from sitting around, to researching nursing homes and rehab centers and explaining that she can’t go home until she can move herself around. When it takes two nurses to take her to the toilet I don’t know how I would manage 24/7.

On a lighter side, we awoke to the discovery that a water main has broken on Main Street and the hospital has no water. Breakfast arrived, but no second cup of coffee, no baths, no flushing toilets. We had a pitcher of water from yesterday, so I was able to brush teeth and wash my face with 4 oz of water, but I am saving what’s in there just in case.

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  1. Ms Dotson! Jacob Hunter circa freshman 1997, you recorded the thing on "inside edition" for me about the cult I was in at the time.. You were a great english teacher and the brand new portable that was slid into the old auto-shop.