Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday July 11

Guess what! Pain pills make you sleep, sometimes too heavily! They took her off a bunch of meds and suddenly she is almost Mom again. And she is beginning to move the formerly immoveable parts. Not well, or quickly, but progress is progress.

Last night I spent the night at home, in a real bed and surrounded by cats. Lonnie, the neighbor who brought her to the hospital and who would not let her be here alone offered to come down and spend the night. It was nice to be home, but I know that Lonnie had to get back to work. Then the Texas cousins, Bobbi and Jeep, came by and spent several hours. Talk about a Texas accent!

I am trying to get some work done on my sweater, but have had to rip out the whole top section several times. I am to the lace parts and I don’t seem to be concentrating on the correct sequence of stitches. But I did call and reserve another skein of yarn so I could make it longer than the pattern was designed to be.

The weather here is not great. It was 108° today and at 8 this morning it was 93. It hardly cooled down at all. The wind is hanging at about 20 mph, and it feels like a blast furnace. Of course I walk out of the air-conditioned hospital and wham! What is the opposite of brain freeze? I was thinking about walking the four blocks to Tom’s Quik Stop but decided against it.

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