Saturday, December 11, 2010

First day

Sooo… my first day of subbing. I am at Meade, one period at the junior high and the other five at the high school. Algebra! Me! What are they thinking!?!

It is a very nice facility, all purple and everything. The library is as big as Mission’s and the common area is a big wide hallway sort of affair with a few 8-person round tables. They have two lunch periods, so only need to seat about a hundred at a time. During lunch, they put out 12 of the tables, plus one long one for the staff. Classrooms are huge, carpeted and equipped with smart boards. I GOT TO USE ONE! (Excited!)

Class size will make some people cry,

P1 18 (8th graders)

P3 10 (Algebra 2)

P4 9 (Algebra 1)

P5 19 (Algebra 1)

P6 8 (Algebra 1)

P7 17 (Algebra 2) and since it is basketball and wrestling season there were only 5

Since it is December, the parents take turns bringing food for staff. There was so much today that there wasn’t room on the table. They told me it was usually like that. Good thing I’m not working every day!

When I got up at 6 a.m. I was worried about making it on time. Because I am a timid night driver, I was afraid it would take me longer than an hour to get here. The sun rose about 7:15 and it was actually light by the time I pulled into the junior high.

The kids are great, everyone knows everyone’s family so they know they will get ratted out. Some of the kids are slackers (go figure!) but for the most part, they actually try to get the classwork/homework done in class. Everyone is white! Elizabeth, this is for you!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December is upon us

So ... I invited the usual crew of suspects to come to the farm for thanksgiving and started cleaning. When I talked to Kathy (she and Terry live in Houston 700 miles south) she told me that Terry would have to work Wednesday so they would start after he got home from work and should be here in the morning of TG day. Driving to church I began to feel a little guilty. I don't have to go to work, don't need to count my days off and don't need to haul 4 people up the freeway. So I called them and asked if the invitation to Houston was still open. They were very happy to be able to stay home. Of course that meant that Marian and Eileen wouldn't be coming, but they do have family locally, so I decided to be Texas bound.

Texas is kind of interesting. It is so self absorbed. Everything declares that you are in Texas. I could drive through any of the other states I regularly traverse and if I wasn't paying attention to progress, I probably wouldn't know what state I am in. In Texas, you need only to check the nearest billboard or storefront. You are in TEXAS! and you know it.

It was fun finally seeing the house that I had heard about since before it was built. And Terry and Kathy are excellent hosts. Their only flaw was a determination to participate in The Black Friday Madness. After much urging, I convinced them that I was going to stay in bed at three a.m. and they were welcome to do what ever they wanted. They went out at 3 to attempt to purchase the one TV that target had that they wanted. Other things were bought (that's for you Ebeth) but no tv. Then everybody came back and rested.

About 2 p.m. people began to get their second winds and so off we went to the malls. 2 p.m. was a good time to do that. While I didn't have much shopping to do, I managed to get a couple of things, but it was most entertaining. Later that evening, we made another foray and this time we went to the crack house where I only bought black and orange yarn (for Giants scarves) and some Lagoon Homespun so Marian could make my Christmas present. She told me to find what color I wanted, but it was sooo on sale that it only made sense to buy it there instead of her paying full price and shipping. Aren't I good. But even better was that I didn't buy any other yarn.

So Saturday morning I loaded up again and headed home. Made it to Norman and spent the night. Had dinner with cousin Chris and his son Chris. It was really nice to see them. Little Chris has turned into an entertaining young man. Would probably get along really well with Ryan.

Tried to make it home in time for church, but was about 30 minutes late in spite of an early start. Probably should have skipped the coffee, the soda and all the pauses on the way.