Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Monday, July 27

Atrial fibrillation is converted! Now we just need to deal with all the other problems, you now, stroke effects, infection and the lung issue caused by the meds to treat the heart. But except for the fact that it just hurts your heart to be in the room with her and her constant discomfort, things are looking better.

Sunday, July 26

So the infection that started the whole thing is a pseudomonis infection, which is fairly rare and resistant to most antibiotics. Terrific. But now we know and can do something about it. This has been an interesting ride, and so bizarre since everything led to something else. Cat scratch led to antibiotics which led to stomach distress which led to adjusting meds which caused a stroke along with atrial fibrillation, which put her in bed again, so now there is lung involvement. What next? I’m back eating guest trays. I can feel the fat, but can’t resist. Sigh

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