Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 30

Good grief! What happened to July?!?!?

So much sitting and waiting, and then so much drama. Mom’s heart began to misbehave and when I asked the doc if she was going to live long enough (18 hours) to get the pacemaker, he looked at me for a minute and said “We aren’t going to wait,” and then he disappeared. Twenty minutes later a nurse appeared in the room and said “We are airlifting her to Wichita.” Confusion followed.

I had asked Marian to come sit with her while I went home and got a shower, fed the cats and changed clothes. Didn’t happen, but good thing Mernie was there. As I was packing for the trip, she asked what she could do to help and I replied “Fly with her to Wichita.” I was sort of kidding, but she said okay and she did. (I am not a coward!) So after I finished loading the car, I left and 20 minutes later the plane got to Meade and they loaded her in. An hour later they landed in Wichita, loaded into a medical transport and headed to the hospital. An hour after that, I arrived and they were all settled in, and Marian’s son Doug had arrived to take her home.

The night before we left Meade, the doc had given Mom a half a zanix to help her sleep. It worked. She slept for the next 36 hours. She does remember being on the plane but not much else. But the great news is that when she really woke up this morning, she was her old smart alecky self! They so stabilized the heart that her brain was working again too! Hooray!

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