Sunday, April 18, 2010

Medicine is good ... sometimes

So Mom has a problem with neuropathy; her feet hurt. I asked the doctor about it and he prescribed neurotin or something like that. Her feet stopped hurting, I think. But she wouldn't wake up, and she couldn't sit up, only lean to the side and forward. We were wondering if she had had another stroke. When Nurse Norma came on duty, she recognized it as a reaction to the neurotin. She contacted the doctor but it was Friday and he didn't get back to us til Monday. So I told the med aide that we were refusing the meds. She gradually came back to the world. On Monday we saw hunky doc and he reduced the dose from 600 mg to 100 mg and she was doing okay but not great. Now, a week later, she is back to sleeping again. She is more responsive, and doesn't droop, but still not her old self. I think I will refuse meds again.

In the meantime, Ryan is back in California and plans to start back to Oklahoma with the first car load tomorrow. I worry about him, but I guess I made the drive by myself three times last year, so never mind.

We are having cat drama. Mom's tiger cat, Tiger, got injured in the leg and hasn't put it down for over a week. He is getting to be really good at getting around but still is a three legged cat. When the same thing happened to the spotty cat, he recovered after a week and mostly doesn't limp. I am wondering if Tiger got a snake bite.

In the meantime, in California, the neighbor's dog got ahold of Meeka and Ryan thought she was dying. The vet said she was in shock and gave her some sort of shot that made her perk up. Today she doesn't look good. More to follow.