Thursday, July 9, 2009

and yeah, that happened!

Tuesday July 8

Moms are sometimes the most wonderful things in the world. I know mine is. And here I am in a hospital, requesting that they fax durable power of attorney and living wills to me so that I can make the decisions that might need to be made.

Strokes are tricky. You don’t know what the outcomes are likely to be. She is alive. In this I am lucky. She knows who I am and often is quite lucid. In this I am lucky. She has improved her movement ability. In this I am lucky. Yet she looks so frail, so helpless and sometimes she is so confused. The persistent story is that she hurts because she fell from the sky into the pond, but there was no water so she made a three point landing. Did you know she could fly?

Wednesday July 9

Today they took Mom off the critical list. In Medicare terms that mean that she is in a room down the hall from the nurses station and someone comes in occasionally. I am actually worried more about her today because she is asleep and no one can really get her to wake up. She will acknowledge the people talking to her, but doesn’t really come awake.

In the meantime, I am working on the phone issue. If I change to PTSI, I lose my number, have to buy a new phone, sign a two year contract and don’t really have coverage in the rest of the world. Oh, and it will cost twice as much as my current plan. Thinking about just getting a pay and go local phone and keeping the other one which I can use when I go to town. Coverage is closer now, I can use the phone within 25 miles now, not the former 65. Wheee!

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