Sunday, July 19, 2009

On the road to Kansas

Saturday, July 18

Yesterday I drove again (the song of the day? “God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy”). This time I went to Meade Kansas, best known for the Dalton Hideout if you are into cowboy outlaws. Small town on highway 54 with a big retirement home (nice euphemism). It appears to be a very nice place, and there are some people that Mom knows there including the director of nursing who used to be her aide at Beaver Hospital, and then came back to work with her as an RN. She will take care of my mother!

Anyway, I committed to have her go there after they do their initial assessments. It is going to be hard. Each day she becomes more focused on going home, and I am beginning to be the bad guy, since I won’t take her home. I don’t know what the best response is; I tell her the truth, and don’t insist she is wrong. Some people lie, some tell her she is wrong.

When a friend called her, she was quite rational, chatted for a while, asked questions of me about what was going on, and told the friend that she was sleeping watching tv and yelling at me. Kinda true. Then she went right back to telling me she wanted to go home.

Today I went to Woodward and cut back my phone service for the California phone. I went to WalMart, bad me, and bought some supplies. Then I went to the bank that wasn’t there. Wells Fargo has deserted Woodward. Now I have to find a new way to get cash!

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