Monday, August 3, 2009

They are wearing us down

Monday August 3

Today was supposed to be the day that something happened, and I guess something did. The infectious diseases guy said she could have the procedure.

But of course, other things happened too. She woke up this morning really uncomfortable and not able to breathe well. The dreaded lying-in-bed-for-too-long pneumonia has probably arrived. So now instead of having the procedure, she is going to have the fluid removed from her lung tomorrow. Then if those cultures go well, they will do the tracheal echo electrocardiogram to see if there is a problem with the heart valves, and if those are okay then they will put in the pacemaker, unless of course something else comes up. Crimenently I am so tired of the experts not knowing what to do. I liked my country doctor who said “let’s fix her”.

Wichita continues to impress me. This side of town seems to be very rich, but it makes for a beautiful city. And every store that you can find in California is here too. Went to Border’s (books and magazines) and Target (laundry detergent) today and then in search of a Laundromat. Guess what! There are two listed in the entire area, and the city itself has 600,000 people, not including the greater metropolitan area. Sigh. So I did my laundry in the hospital bathroom sink so I will have two clean shirts until I can get across town to do a load.

I don’t know what to expect with tomorrow’s procedure. I know that they remove the fluid with a giant needle, and I’m not allowed to be present when they do it. I think I am glad. And I hope that her nights will be more comfortable when it isn’t hard for her to get her breathe.

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