Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday, August 29

Oh dear, it is so hard to deal with her confused state. The hunky doc is trying to wake her up by adjusting meds, but it scares me that she might not come back. I just keep holding on to the idea that she came back once before when she got enough rest, and she will do it again.

We just had a long talk about that lady that she gave Daddy’s clothes to who threw away one of his socks because there wasn’t a mate for it. Daddy died in 1987.

Today I took her for a walk outside and she was rational the whole time. I think the room is driving her ditzy. When I came back the doc was there and I asked if I could take her away for a couple of hours. He said yes. I just signed the permission-to-travel papers and tomorrow if all goes well, we will load her in the car and take to see her kitties. I hope it doesn’t make it worse.

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