Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, August 31

Today is the first day of school, but not the first day for the kids. All the excitement of a new beginning! Sigh.

Today was better. She was more aware in the morning, went to PT and averaged 35 steps per minute on the nu-step (we started at 9 steps per minute) and then they were going to try walking with her in the afternoon. Best laid plans… Doc prescribed a unit of blood for after lunch, so we ate, and put her to bed with the IV delivering blood. (I wanted to say sucking blood, but it didn’t work) When she woke up, she was better yet. Apparently new blood is good? And then he made an appointment to see the heart doctor on Wednesday because as he repeatedly says, “we sent her to Wichita for a pacemaker,” but today he added “and I don’t see any reason why we should wait any longer. And a pacemaker would give her more ambition, maybe wake her up a bit.”

Hope again. Leaving the depression behind, again.

Anyway, Lonnie is spending the night in the hospital and I am at home with the traitorous cats, planning on not being waked up every two hours and seeing if one night of good sleep will make the cleaning ladies stop looking at me and sighing.

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