Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Toto, I think I may be in Kansas

The trip was a joy and so frustrating. I got to see the people I love and had to work way too hard and not get nearly enough done. Thank you all for the welcome.

The drive back wasn't nearly as fast as the drive to California. I lost two hours to time zones, it was two weeks less daylight in the greater scheme of things, and then there was the snow. Ryan was good enough to keep me aware of weather conditions ahead of me all the way across Arizona and especially New Mexico so that I believed I could forge on through the snow. I thought I could see light in the clouds and sure enough the weather channel kept showing gaps in the storm ahead of me so I just kept going.

I see the light at the end of the road!

Snow to the left, snow to the right, but roads were clear

My goal was to make it to Mom's cardiologist appointment in Dodge and I made it to the home with 8 minutes to spare, jumped out of the car and onto the bus to ride with her there.

The doctor said that she was better every time he saw her, and that he didn't need to see her for 4 months. There were problems with her old heart of course, but he said they could be treated medically and sent us away. And then we went back to Meade and freed Eileen to return to Colorado (where there really was major snow).

Mom looks great, has good color and she has started to not look so gaunt. She has been eating well for the last few days, and has been wanting snacks. I of course help her snack so don't see much hope losing my hospital food weight.


  1. Does this mean you don't get to see hunky doc? What will you do? :)

    Glad to hear that Mom is doing so well.

    Winter is coming here as well: based on the forecast I might have to wear a jacket to go to lunch tomorrow!

  2. evil dude! try not to freeze!

    and the cardiologist isn't hunky doc. we still get to see him during the morning infusions if he is in the house