Saturday, November 21, 2009

And so we did

Mom doesn't enjoy the transfers. She says she is tired of being wrestled around. But I am determined that she will not be one of those ladies who sleep all day and night until they don't wake up. Sooooo... I wrestled her into the car and we drove to Liberal (45 miles) and went to Walmart (boo) where I wrestled her into her wheelchair and we shopped. (We were very low on cat food so had to do it.)

Since that was successful, we went to Sonic and got the required chicken strips, tator tots and Dr Pepper for her, other bad for me things for me. While we are out she is talkative and her old self. Therefore there will be more out now that we aren't doing infusions every 36 hours.

When we got back to the home, she was tired and wanted to lay down but no! Today was the November birthday party and she had to go as it was her birth month. So we had hot chocolate and cup cakes and then she wanted to lay down. After a while, she said I should go home because she wasn't going to get up for supper. So I did. I packed me up, left her with the leftover sonic meal and actually got home just as it was getting dark.

And of course I relaxed by doing laundry and dishes (first time I did dishes since I got back!)


  1. Tell your mom "happy birthday." And it's great you can relax by doing dishes and laundry. When you make it back to California, I'll have to invite you over for some "relaxation therapy" at my house! Keep on keepin' on, and have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Birthday Goldie! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Meanwhile, I am going crazy trying to clean the house and cook dinner for 15 people. Ug. Oh, I we are having a new window installed this morning- just thought I needed to add something to my list. I can't wait to get back to school on Monday and have a vacation. :)