Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving #1

The home has a big family Thanksgiving dinner the Thursday before Thanksgiving (today). The place was packed with lots of able-bodied able-minded people. In the main dining hall, the tables were so close that moving anywhere was a challenge. Some of the guests were in wheelchairs as well, so there were probably 50 wheelchairs in the place. too bad we couldn't arrange a basket ball game, but I have so many visions of how that would go, none of them good, but many of them very funny.

The kitchen outdid itself, with plates of all the standard TG foods plus some of the midwest additions that still astound me. Ever heard of crockpot corn? Seems you first combine canned corn with cream cheese....

We were late for the feast so got to sit in one of the private dining rooms with another family, but there was just us at our table. Mernie and Dode were at their church TG dinner, and she was one of the worker bees so when we invited her she was already busy.

But (tada!!!) health report. Last week we saw hunky doc because I complained that she needed to be done with infusions every 36 hours, and that something else needed to be done. Nobody stays on vancomycin for eight weeks. Hunky doc agreed and changed the regimen. It was truly wonderful not to load into the van and go to the hospital every third morning at 8 a.m. and every third evening at 8 p.m. Sometimes we were there for several hours and it sort of ruined the days.

When we returned this week, he was surprised at how much better her toes looked and said to continue for another week. They truly did look so much better and it would be wonderful if we could get past the toes issue. He debraded the toes and dressed them and sent us away. Now for those of you neophytes, that means he cleaned off everything that would move and some of what didn't want to move. So the afternoon was spent in misery because her toes hurt. We requested Tylenol for the first time in weeks. Hope tomorrow is better, because I have plans to go to Liberal to shop for TG dinner 2.


  1. Strangely enough, corn and cream cheese does kind of sound tasty...

  2. Everyone was very excited that they had it. It was a little too yummy!