Saturday, November 14, 2009

Observations on Football

Football away from Mission is not the same. The Meade Buffalos won the regional championship for their division. The town has turned purple and gray from end to end. The next game is the major topic of conversation; they go up against a team that has been unbeaten for the last 72 games.
Remember the movie "Hoosiers"? When the town got all involved in the championship game? Yeah, same thing.We were at the hospital with Mom getting her infusion treatment. She was all hooked up to the IV pump and dozing off. I was knitting as usual. Then there was an announcement over the loudspeaker. Not "Dr Hunky needed in the ER" or any such thing. No, it announced that the team bus was leaving the school and anyone who was available should go out to the street to cheer them on their way. Now Meade is a small (16 bed) hospital. It is a regional hospital so there is lots of outpatient activity going on, but still not that many people work there. Look at the picture, and notice the people across the street from that business too.Anyway there we were, standing on the street, with my little mother dozing alone in the infusion room and yes! there it was! the sound of sirens. The police escort for the caravan.

The caravan drove through the center of town and then crested the hill that the hospital is on. Flashing lights, sirens, the team bus, the cheerleader bus, and a string of parent cars.


  1. It's not so different from Mission, except for all the people on the street, the cheerleader bus, the lights and sirens of the police escort, the parade of parent cars, the team bus, and the announcement over the intercom. Oh, and the winning part, too. Other than that, it's about the same.

  2. Mission had its last game on Saturday night- they got a touchdown. Their first (and last) touchdown of the season. Sad. Just sad. But in that light, our Girls' Tennis team won first place in NCS! Go figure.