Sunday, January 31, 2010


The weather has become entertaining. Everyone was all worked up about the incoming storm, but I went to Meade anyway. However I did leave a couple of hours early and had heavy snow for the last five miles home. And it snowed. It was pretty, and soft and dry and gentle and there was a lot of it. I haven't heard numbers but I would say 6 inches with drifts up to a foot. I kept going out and watching, because I have been away so long it was like the first time, and I swept the ramp every couple of hours until I went to bed.

Woke up to a winter wonderland. And a lot of work.

Spent the day sweeping and shoveling as it kept snowing lightly until afternoon.

Next morning the shoveling got serious but I forged my way onward. Only after I got to the bottom of the ramp did it occur to me that I could have gone out the back door directly to the driveway. But... I am glad that I got the ramp clear, as it is a lot easier to come and go that way.

Then on to the driveway! worked my way around the car and was able to get in. Had cleared the drifts behind the car so was able to back up and back and up and back until I reached the tracks where Dirk had come through with the big truck. Then I discovered that there were drifts across the gate, so had to shovel those too, and the ones at the road gate by the mailbox. Finally by noon, I was on my way to Meade.

See my little car under all that big snow? When I drove to Meade, I cleared a bunch off, but when I went out to the parking lot, there was a huge pile in front of and in back of the car that slid off in the sunshine.
For those of you who know the farm, this is looking down the hill from the back porch. The hill doesn't seem to exist. Snow filled in the low part.
Just a nice picture of the front yard.
Sorry, just too cute!
Lovey contemplates an adventure in the snow. And he got it. Didn't come in and ended up spending the night in the chicken house. Wouldn't walk across the snow until I started working my way out to him.

Everyone looking for Lovey!

Lovey braving the elements.

Moonrise over the front yard.
Morning of the second day.
Looks like everyone came out to check the snow.
Look! I made it all the way to the driveway!


  1. wow, those pictures are beautiful. Definitely more scenic than after the big winter storms back here in the bay area.....

  2. you mean the mudslides? probably could find an artfully arranged fallen tree, or apartment

  3. Entertaining indeed! All the more so from the comfort of California!