Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow is a 4 letter word!

Not really but it is a good title. That last storm was actually 14 inches of snow, followed by 10 inches a week later and then a nice 6 inch snow and another 6 inches Thursday night. I am becoming an expert snow mover. Yesterday I had to shovel again, and then the road was like an ice skating rink. However when I got to the highway, it had been plowed and salted and sanded. (Will my paint job ever be the same?) I made it safely to Meade and then watched the snow melt. It was in the 40s yesterday, the 50s today. Last night, the melting snow made the road all muddy, but it was frozen today so driving it wasn't bad, but I'll take the highway home tonight.

Mom is swinging between good and bad as usual. Unfortunately the good isn't as good as it once was, although the bad is no worse. Yesterday we took the home bus to Dodge, ate Chinese food, went to the heart doctor and came back. She was exhausted (and I have to say my back hurt after the ride in that bus). Today is a bad day. She barely awoke for lunch and after lunch went into that night terror state where she becomes totally unreasonable. In fact she is kind of like a hysterical 3 year old.

I have been looking for a wheelchair van and found one in Wichita. Am trying to convince Ryan to fly into Wichita to check it out. It is being sold by a bank as part of an estate sale, and they weren't enthusiastic about it, but ... we will see. In the meantime, one more piece of paperwork and we can order the lift and wheelchair, so that we can be more mobile.

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