Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanks John for inspiring me to write

Winter has set in. People are arguing about whether this storm is a blizzard. Apparently, according to, a snow storm is not a blizzard unless it is a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold. I think we qualify this last week. Piffle on those naysayers.

Last week, we set a record for cold in Beaver County with a low wind chill of -36 caused by 0 degree temps and 50 mile an hour winds. That is cold. Walking to the car with one glove on, I realized the other hand was beginning to get numb. That was a walk of about 50 feet. Brrr. I worry about the homeless, what must their lives be like in this weather.

I have been learning about ways to combat freezing weather and pipes. I hear another storm is on the way but I have mastered the art of crawling into the well pit to heat the pipes so ...

Fortunately I have power, but that is another story. I sort of finagled a heating device. I was told that a simple light bulb in an enclosed space could prevent freezing. Since the house apparently has been converted to coil bulbs, I started with an old floor lamp from the basement with two old 100 watt bulbs and that warmed up the pit. When it warmed up enough to thaw the pipes one pipe had burst so the pit flooded and the floor lamp was standing in 8 inches of water.

Lamp in water didn't seem like a good idea so I went to town 65 miles away and bought a tiny ceramic heater and a shop drop light with a 200 watt bulb. I hauled the floor lamp out by lassoing it with rope, and I hung the heater and drop light from the edge of the pit.

Every time I check, the pit is warmish, but another storm is expected Tuesday night. We will see if my jury rig works.

They have electric heat tape to wrap pipes but I am limiting my trips into the 8 foot deep pit. Especially since the water is still standing in the pit and electric tape in the 8 inches of water doesn't seem any better than a floor lamp.

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