Monday, October 4, 2010

Well, there is plenty to do. Besides the obvious cleaning and sorting and talking to lawyers, there are events. I've been to the stock car races and county fair, a "beans and jeans" luncheon given by the men in the community, an evening of music (sign in at the door and you will be called to perform), a fundraiser for a woman who has cancer ($15,000 from donated brisket dinner and pie auction), a West Fest street fair, and a fundraiser fish fry for the local museum.

This next week I am going to a presentation for elders (The Trail of Years) that talks about one of the local luminaries, Mary Spurgeon, and the Watonga Cheese Festival. The latter is a big deal I understand. And there is a yarn store in Watonga. And a car show.

My niece comes in from Chicago on Sunday, ostensibly to help with the sorting. (This is the niece that burns anything that is standing still, so I must be vigilant!) I will have to find forms of entertainment, as I am sure it will be difficult for her. Shel was very attached and made it down here for vacation every year. She was also the one that could make Mom giggle every time, even at the last. Don't know if I can deal with the energy.

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