Sunday, September 12, 2010

The world has settled down...

Two weeks later, the company is gone, the daily trips are planned and not daily, and the things I have thought needed to be done are getting done. And I am resting.

It is hard to believe how tired driving to Meade and sitting by Mom's bed made me. Now I can't sleep because I don't get tired enough. I am trying to step up the activity, making daily trips to the mailbox. If I can get them in, I try for 4 trips with each being about 1500 steps.

The following week, I got to pretend that I am a farmer. Decisions need to be made and I want to know what I am deciding, so when the crop insurance agent had a meeting to explain the next year's required actions, I went. What I learned was that meetings are catered too! A well known barbeque wagon came loaded for bear, a huge meal was served, the meeting was held, and then door prizes! I won a raffle (a can of WD-49) and shopped the free goodies (flashlight, bottle cozy and ...)

Everything is a party here

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